Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Justin Bieber

James and Justin Bieber take turns asking personal questions and are given a choice: answer truthfully or eat whatever food is in front of them, including bird saliva, ant yogurt, and beetle jello shots.
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  • Imagine a show with cows eating human tongues

    James DarellJames DarellÓrája
  • Justin Bieber: Why am I here? Me: To get your taste buds destroyed.

    Noreen SokotaNoreen Sokota4 órája
  • Why are yall hating on justin?

    eilish forevereilish forever4 órája
  • You know... for one of the richest singers like Justin, you would expect them to look the part instead of a homeless person trying to sell news papers

    Traveling OutdoorsmanTraveling Outdoorsman4 órája
  • i need to see timothée chalamet here

    DafneDafne7 órája
  • Have bear grylls.he is just not gonna answer anything.he is gonna enjoy it too much

    Wali MasudWali Masud8 órája
  • I was laughing until the end.HAHAHAHA

    gie manuelgie manuel12 órája
  • When James just started singing yummy I can’t-😂

    Sofia MorissSofia Moriss15 órája
  • These Justin bieber fans are really out here saying that Justin's music is better than Harry's, are they all deaf or something?

    Kate ScottKate Scott17 órája
  • we all know he was thinking that harry is more talented

    Isabelle DakinIsabelle Dakin17 órája
  • bird saliva is expensive and good for ur skin. It has anti aging agen. 😜

    jennifer chingjennifer ching17 órája
  • “oh it’s all so yummy,yummy,yummy,yummy...”

    Ergi TitiniErgi Titini18 órája
  • He didn't even hesitate to drink that.... He love his BELIEBERS 😭🌎❤

    Riya HateRiya Hate18 órája
  • I love james and idc how famous I ever was I would never in a million years do this game

    BTS ARISTAN143BTS ARISTAN14319 órája
  • I’ve never seen Justin Bieber more charismatic with facial expressions and stuff

    Cindy BejerholmCindy Bejerholm19 órája
  • I'm curious about does anyone know the bird saliva is actually a kind of Chinese healthcare food? and only the rich families were affordable to eat it in the pass of history haha

    Jim HoJim Ho21 órája
  • What a big WIMP. Even the goddeses such as Demi Moore and Kim Kardashian did better. Love his music though.

    Tisay FordsTisay Fords21 órája
  • a Chinese guy would deny to tell his own name to eat everything there on the plate

    Sujeeth SundaramSujeeth Sundaram23 órája
  • Ok, people in this comment section are judging his clothing. Firstly, the thats the lowest thing a person can do so shame on you. And how can you judge someone wearing baggy pants, sweatshirt and a beanie when we are ALL at home rn in our comfy clothes/pajamas. So stop being a hypocrite and focus on the point of this video. I mean, why do you think you clicked? Also, it’s a style of clothing. Street wear. He’s been known for wearing that style for a while, and now you judge him? That’s low. Also, I find it very cool that he isn’t making a big statement by wearing Gucci, or whatever brand shit celebrities wear. It looks like normal clothing that normal people wear. That’s means he doesn’t have an ego and he has a humble personality, Unlike your ass that judges him and says he looks ‘homeless’. Think before you say ANYTHING. And if you have nothing nice to say, DONT say ANYTHING

    Calista KathrynCalista KathrynNapja
    • Calista Kathryn wow

      Emilio MorfinEmilio MorfinNapja

    C H E R R Y B L O S S O MC H E R R Y B L O S S O MNapja
  • He looks like a hipster not that that hipsters are bad just himself is

    Ijlaal AhmedIjlaal AhmedNapja
  • its prolly oreo and ice cream at last

    Sujeeth SundaramSujeeth SundaramNapja
  • This gotta be fake, there's no way he drank that bird saliva without gagging his guts out.

    Mut EmaMut EmaNapja
  • I always just want them to answer rather than eat

    Aieyan ChaudhryAieyan ChaudhryNapja
  • i think james likes cow tongue

    Ashwin KumarAshwin KumarNapja
  • justin biebier gets what he deserves for being such a jerk and mean to his fans!

    Oliwia PstrągowskaOliwia PstrągowskaNapja
  • This dude should really stop the drugs. He looks like a junkie...

    Alex KuznetsovAlex KuznetsovNapja

  • Why he doesn't shave his mustache he would look handsome

    Janani VismayaJanani VismayaNapja
    • Why should he

      Waishe MliswaWaishe MliswaNapja
  • Whats iDubbbz doing on the Late Late show

  • Such a pointless game, james never swallows anything 😂

    Keefer FlemingKeefer FlemingNapja
  • Do this with Matt stonie. Then the table will be empty for the first time

    Sebastiaan KrulSebastiaan KrulNapja
  • Weak stomach Bieber. A for effort.

    Evalani Tagoa'i-LauluEvalani Tagoa'i-LauluNapja
  • James is enjoying himself WAY too much at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="764">12:44</a>

    Gabrielle TittelGabrielle TittelNapja
  • let's be real here... SOMEONE HAD TO SHAVE THAT MOUSTACHE.

    Gabrielle TittelGabrielle TittelNapja
  • Idk what justins dress style is but it looks like what i wear when im just tryna dress casual

  • Was everything they ate real?

    Samrath GhumanSamrath GhumanNapja
  • Can you imagine Tom Hanks doing it? I think he would eat anything just to not answer those questions...

    Король лев ProductionКороль лев ProductionNapja
  • Justin's face at the beginning is everything

    Wendy B.Wendy B.Napja
  • Justin be like: That's not yummy yummy

    kent palarcakent palarca2 napja
  • why do i have a feeling james is never gonna ask justin on the show again...

    AJ BadrAJ Badr2 napja
  • Justin looks so ugly lol

    xxx dddxxx ddd2 napja
  • Justin is actually quite rude in this

    Bela GarciaBela Garcia2 napja
  • Can someone please explain me what does the second question mean? "on a scale of 1-10, how much do you regret doing Cats" ?!?

    Zainab Ahmed AhgaseZainab Ahmed Ahgase2 napja
  • Why does Justin look like a 10 year old kid with a face of a 37 year old man?

    Zainab Ahmed AhgaseZainab Ahmed Ahgase2 napja
  • Cow tongue is a delicacy in Germany, its really good!

    WhaaatevsWhaaatevs2 napja
  • It’s also YUMMY LOL

    Blue LagoonBlue Lagoon2 napja
  • Wait aren’t thier suppose to in quartine

    Blue LagoonBlue Lagoon2 napja
  • How old is Justin now? 40?

    Sailer99Sailer992 napja
  • Imagine if he gets DC Young Fly to do this🤣🤣🤣

    Lepang MaphaleLepang Maphale2 napja
  • The fact that he didn’t even think about which country had the worst fans was so nice.

    Yasmin JalaliYasmin Jalali2 napja
  • PLZ DO THIS WITH BTS!!! but with good food

    Water HemlockWater Hemlock2 napja
  • dont get mad but plz shave that must stash Justin

    Gabriella PriceGabriella Price2 napja
  • im not rlly a fan of justin but damn they were entertaining together

    FliksyFliksy2 napja
  • Когда пришел посмотреть только ради шутки ведущего.

    Екатерина ИвановаЕкатерина Иванова2 napja
  • Долой усы

    Екатерина ИвановаЕкатерина Иванова2 napja
  • In russian refectory sometimes serve an eat cow tounge, but not raw, like in this show.

    Екатерина ИвановаЕкатерина Иванова2 napja

  • That is actually disgusting u should be in jail.

    Professional GamerProfessional Gamer2 napja
  • Justin is acting like a 10 year old

    Sarah VictoriaSarah Victoria2 napja
  • Bring Tom Holland on this show and he wouldn’t eat a thing

    Aprÿll TÿsonAprÿll Tÿson2 napja
  • Did anyone else think the bird salaviA a was a margarita

    Pennywise Squad robloxPennywise Squad roblox3 napja
  • Is it just me or did james steal mr bean's costume

    Tara GordonTara Gordon3 napja
  • FRants should be a regular segment on the show 😂

    Carolina RCarolina R3 napja
  • JUSTIN😍.

    Syriana FloresSyriana Flores3 napja
  • "Let me shave your mustache" You can take the Justin outta southern Ontario but you can't take the southern Ontario outta Justin.

    AM - 06ZZ - Home Schooling PS (1800)AM - 06ZZ - Home Schooling PS (1800)3 napja
  • who else thinks this but when Justin got that moustache I thought he aint gonna sing no more

    Jocelyn OrtizJocelyn Ortiz3 napja
  • Is it just me who notices that on the second round James always says their full name

    Squishy SlothSquishy Sloth3 napja
  • I love how Justin hated the smoothie and he "needed a minute" but he kept on drinking it! lol

    Quinn SimpsonQuinn Simpson3 napja
  • Lots of bulls roaming around LA with their dongs cut off, it seems

    Shruti BhattacharyyaShruti Bhattacharyya3 napja
  • I think James genuinley loves doing this

    Quinn SimpsonQuinn Simpson3 napja
  • Tom Holland would be awesome at this..... .... you are awesome Tom!

    Quinn SimpsonQuinn Simpson3 napja
  • It is what it is

    Bogdan 1Bogdan 13 napja
  • Henry Cavill playing this game, insane!!!!

    Rebeca ErciaRebeca Ercia3 napja
  • Bieber looks like a guy who drives a white van

    Leo DukeLeo Duke3 napja
  • He looks high AF

    PhisskPhissk3 napja
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="98">1:38</a> justin got outplayed

    reaperreaper3 napja
  • Do this with bear grylls and watch the table to be empty

    Rammohan GuptaRammohan Gupta3 napja
  • definitely harry styles .. obviously

    TheOfficialAnnaTheOfficialAnna3 napja
  • He was saving Justin from embarrassment

    Shannon MillsShannon Mills4 napja