Katy Perry - Never Worn White (Official)

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Director: J.A.C.K
Producer: Maggie McLean
Video Commissioner: Targa Sahyoun
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Music video by Katy Perry performing Never Worn White. © 2020 Capitol Records, LLC




  • Its all about voicing her feelings. Her inner passion and drive is enormous.

    Sarah MichelleSarah Michelle12 órája
  • She's pregnant and is happier than ever. Its a great time in her life. She has it all. Hard work dedication and never giving up!

    Sarah MichelleSarah Michelle12 órája
  • I love you Katy 🌹 👇🏻

    aRhAaN aBbAsaRhAaN aBbAs12 órája
  • هاي تستعمل في انتروهات ماين كرافت

    Mîdø gámïñg ytMîdø gámïñg yt12 órája
  • yallll there isnt a song more beautiful than this. name 1, ill wait.

    xAsher94xxAsher94x13 órája
  • I am so happy for my favorite singer,her name is Katy Perry and she is pregnant I am commenting on her channel right now!

    gacha lifegacha life14 órája
  • Có ai là người việt ko ta

    Csm LàCsm Là15 órája
  • Katy Perry: cause i never worn white!me:but at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="74">1:14</a> you had a white dress on!!!!!

    Elizabeth O'TooleElizabeth O'Toole15 órája
  • “You asked the question I said yes but I’m ScArED” Yasss Katy ♥️ 🌺 she is getting married, having a baby, and in a good place 🔥🔥 go girl!! I’m so glad u found someone to live your life with who appreciates and respects your decisions and career!!! You deserve it! Love u 😍

    Madison NichelsonMadison Nichelson15 órája
  • Such a beautiful song ... WOW!!!

    Dhiraj Singh RaoDhiraj Singh Rao15 órája
  • I have seen katy in many forms: 1.A bride , in hot n cold 2. A teenage girl , teenage dream 3.An alien , E.T 4.A hot girl with bikinis, California gurls 5.A girl in party,last Friday night ( t.g.I.f) 6. A tigress ,roar 7. An army officer, part of me 8. An Egyptian QUEEN, dark horse 9.A lesbian, I kissed a girl 10.A basketball prayer, swish swish bish 11.A robot ,365 12.A girl in Vegas, Waking up in Vegas 13.A girl in amusement park, chained to the rhythm 14.Girl driving Harley, Harleys in hawaii 15.As food , bon appetite 16. Now we all will see katy as a mom..................... Congratulations to Katy Perry and Orlando bloom

    Dhiraj Singh RaoDhiraj Singh Rao15 órája
  • 🤰👨‍👩‍👦👨‍👩‍👧👶

    Pink StarPink Star16 órája
  • Wow.. the last szene 🤰🏼

    Meow MeowMeow Meow16 órája
  • She looks more beautiful than ever. ❤

    Meow MeowMeow Meow16 órája
  • Katy.. Im so happy for you ❤

    Meow MeowMeow Meow16 órája
  • Que música linda!❤

    Alexsandra LimaAlexsandra Lima16 órája
  • This is so emotional!!!

    Glen x748Glen x74816 órája
  • L

    Mecheel CasenasMecheel Casenas16 órája
  • This video brought a smile on my face congratulations Katy love you🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🤩❤💞💕💓💖💝

    Azariah IsaacsAzariah Isaacs17 órája
  • Y

    Puttaraju PuttarajuPuttaraju Puttaraju17 órája
  • Who else thinks she should start a vilg channel

    Ladaysiah YoungLadaysiah Young18 órája
  • 🌼Congrats. You look beautiful! 🌼

    cnm mmcnm mm18 órája
  • Drawing Katy Perry huproject.info/it/video/k5ipsMrXeIupg40

    drawing c channeldrawing c channel18 órája
  • The time has come for better things lol.

    Doesn't MatterDoesn't Matter19 órája
  • ta até tirando

  • Ella está embarazada ;)

    Marisol NatsukiMarisol Natsuki20 órája
  • Did anyone else almost cried to this song

    GamingforgeeksGamingforgeeks20 órája
  • Katy Perry is such a LIAR! I saw her wearing white in her music video "hot n cold" but she claims that she's never "worn white". Nice try >:(

    Мне скучноМне скучно20 órája
  • What a wonderful words

    تريد أن تعلمتريد أن تعلم20 órája
  • she is so tallened right

    freya spoonerfreya spooner21 órája
  • No one makes a pop video just like katy Perry does. Always the best

    dominic spillerdominic spiller21 órája

    Seaweed_ SiriSeaweed_ Siri22 órája
  • Beautiful ❤️

    Jessica MarieJessica Marie22 órája
  • I felt that when she went I DooOoOH

    Altruria JonesAltruria Jones22 órája
  • #Katy Perry i 💘 it ...this is beautiful..

    A MrrsA Mrrs23 órája
  • Best of luck Katy. I root for your continued success.

    Jonathan SmithJonathan Smith23 órája
  • In Taylor swith music be gay Katy paery was in it sorry for bad spelling

    Jason DearingJason Dearing23 órája
  • I am impressed with the ability to be so perfect and to work so perfectly, you inspire perhaps a lot of people, and for sure with this song you will inspire even more people! Translation for those who are Brazilian: Eu fico impressionada com a capacidade de ser tão perfeita e de trabalhar tão perfeitamente, você inspira talvez muita gente, e com certeza com essa música irá inspirar muito mais gente ainda!

    Viih OliveiraViih Oliveira23 órája
  • This song is reminding me when I saved a little girl from the streets, it's was very sad😭😭

    Queen BQueen B23 órája
  • I liked when she made good songs with meme videos.

  • Halsey: I'm so glad never have a baby with you. Katy: if you don't, hold my baby.

    Mehdi MMehdi MNapja
  • Halsey: I'm so glad never have a baby with you. Katy: if you don't, hold my baby.

    Mehdi MMehdi MNapja
  • No more teenage dream.

    Lil MuchachoLil MuchachoNapja
  • Woooww amazing

    Marwan66 XxxMarwan66 XxxNapja
  • Great music..!

    Rafaell J.Rafaell J.Napja
  • On your Ferris’s

    Anyssa RoyAnyssa RoyNapja
  • Congrats

    Anyssa RoyAnyssa RoyNapja
  • 😍😍😍

    Ires AlmeidaIres AlmeidaNapja
  • wow, I’m really crying lol, I remember being just a little girl hearing all her songs on repeat, and now she’s pregnant... time flies ♥️

    axsthetic beeaxsthetic beeNapja
  • Maravilhosaaaaa

    Aninha A.SAninha A.SNapja
  • I love you katy ♥️

    Giorgio Di BelloGiorgio Di BelloNapja
  • এই অদ্ভুত জামাকাপড় পইরা লাভ নাই! নোবেল কাকার কাছে তোমার কোনো দাম নাই। #নোবেলগাগা

    বাকের ভাইবাকের ভাইNapja
  • I wish Katy would grow out of the silly costumes. I can see in her 20s , but not 30s and 40s. Like she needs to just rely on her voice which is enough.

  • This April 8th... 2020, is 🌌Layat Al-Ba'arat 🕊️... huproject.info/it/video/Z9Scus-tZYqFhYE A beautiful 🌃 ... A VERY important 🌃... especially THIS year... 🌷April 2019 was fascinating... As this 🌃 fell in between the two Abrahamic Faith's... 🌍Earth Day followed... This year... Miraculously... Ramadan follows just after 🌍Earth Day! huproject.info/it/video/ermCnpSZgJqsfo0

  • Honestly, She Looks Perfect With Long Hair 😍😘 Short Hair's Not Her Style

    Seph DielSeph DielNapja
  • Muy bonita canción, perfecta para una boda

    Amelia RamirezAmelia RamirezNapja
  • She finally has a new song after years later lol

    danika martinezdanika martinezNapja

    Jimin BtsJimin BtsNapja

    Ayden VlogsAyden VlogsNapja
  • Pregnant Woman Bored So Katy Pery Stimulated By American People Corona

    Bilmem HihiBilmem HihiNapja
  • 💙

  • Exelent song!!!!

    Mayra CerratoMayra CerratoNapja
  • I love you katy Perry

    Eswara MurthyEswara MurthyNapja
  • I usually don't watch Katy Perry's MV but this one is a beautiful master piece. Beautiful MV, beautiful song, beautiful Katy. Loved it

    Karina RainieriKarina RainieriNapja
  • if i see one more people saying “ShE EndEd tHe FeuD wiTh TaylOr” imma throw hands lmao this has nothing o do with taylor just watch the music video

    Sla SancakTRSla SancakTRNapja
  • Eu to ficando louco ou nos 10 primeiros segundo tocou o Hino Nacional do Brasil???

    Nonato gabrielNonato gabrielNapja
  • Love you 😘

    Chin ChinChin ChinNapja
  • After noticing caption..shocked ..most of the languages are there...

    komal yadavkomal yadavNapja
  • 水果!

  • I love you I'm from Iraq ❤❤❤❤

    Ali HDAli HDNapja
  • Congrats

    Kayla TxoKayla TxoNapja
  • so happy for you! you look STUNNING!!!

    Nafisah YusraNafisah YusraNapja
  • She is pregnent

    Maita MagwenziMaita MagwenziNapja
  • Its a trap, run

    Ali NajdiAli NajdiNapja
  • I love you Katyyyyyyyyy! 💕

    Srsly SpkngSrsly SpkngNapja
  • It’s official, she never aged

    One Direction For LifeOne Direction For LifeNapja
  • ปังไม่ไหวแซ้ววว #เพลงแม่💓💓

    frist smilefrist smileNapja
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    Axel BagtasAxel BagtasNapja
  • Halo semuanya Apa kabar Semoga baik baik aja ya

    jamez mozaizzjamez mozaizzNapja
  • Exceptional Stunning Performance Well done to you with songs like the one I love

    benzy blenarubenzy blenaruNapja