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#Dababy #BlameItOnBaby




  • Yes

    Serenity YoungSerenity YoungÓrája
  • Am your best fan

    Dandre AshbourneDandre AshbourneÓrája
  • Da baby FINALLY used another flow

    Official SuperStar AROfficial SuperStar ARÓrája
  • You. Or. The. Besta. Rapor

    Michelle HoganMichelle HoganÓrája
  • This is perfect

    Christoffer BakkeChristoffer BakkeÓrája
  • The song sound so good you wouldn't even realize it's about guns and shooting people. 🤣🤣🤣🤔🤔🤔

    Rufus AndersonRufus AndersonÓrája
  • Your the best

    meka ymeka y2 órája
  • I thought that was Wayne at first

    Kayla RuckerKayla Rucker2 órája
  • Tiktok ruined this so bad

  • Dope

    MothercityguyMothercityguy2 órája
  • Love your appointment with your family dollar

    Jennifer SmithJennifer Smith2 órája
  • Sounds like Kevin gates fr

    abraham khanabraham khan2 órája
  • fire

    Lil p squadLil p squad2 órája
  • huproject.info/it/video/hJqO1NjcnHSkpmg my cover plz let me know of its good

    bandicot lolbandicot lol2 órája
  • Jammm

    Krystal GarciaKrystal Garcia2 órája

    gaige locasciogaige locascio2 órája
  • Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Ebony jonesEbony jones2 órája
  • who is here from tiktok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nah I was here before that

    Haresh LalaHaresh Lala2 órája
  • When you want to edit a lyric video in Premeire but want to listen to DaBaby at the same time.

    Harrowed Qullim's TerminusHarrowed Qullim's Terminus2 órája
  • Who else thinks it’s fire

    javier serranojavier serrano2 órája
  • roddy rich ruin the song

    Khenlee pattmanKhenlee pattman2 órája
  • Angelina Gracie Tate

    nle choppe Angelinanle choppe Angelina2 órája
    • Angelina Gracie Tate ILOVE you the baby

      nle choppe Angelinanle choppe Angelina2 órája
  • Hi

    Jennavieca HessJennavieca Hess3 órája
  • who also comes from tiktok?

    Maydanoz ClanMaydanoz Clan3 órája
  • 👍🏻

    Oriyah ButlerOriyah Butler3 órája
  • huproject.info/it/video/pNSe0aKlXp17hKc

    Nkollo onda MIXofficialNkollo onda MIXofficial3 órája
  • I have just found my favorite song! 😋😍

    Andrei MarcoșAndrei Marcoș3 órája
  • "keep ah glockyyy when I ride in the suburrrbannnnnn" 😂🔥

    ThaRealRayThaRealRay3 órája
  • Dababy a video for dis song 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪🏽💪🏽🙏🏽

    Yancarlos RodrigueYancarlos Rodrigue3 órája
  • Tik tok

    Gilliam Agamez de aguasGilliam Agamez de aguas3 órája
    • Jaja 😂

      Gilliam Agamez de aguasGilliam Agamez de aguas3 órája
  • 1200 horse power i get lost in the wind 🔥🔥🔥

    BeastDaBoiBeastDaBoi3 órája
  • First time listening: it’s ok Second time listening: this is good Third time listening: The is a bop Fourth time listening: THIS AINT NO GUITAR THIS A GLOCK

    SwageBeaSwageBea3 órája
  • O melhor😍🇧🇷❤

    viviane candida simoesviviane candida simoes3 órája
  • Where is the Music Video at??

    Salah BashirSalah Bashir3 órája
  • I love this song

    Chavaun JohnsonChavaun Johnson4 órája
  • God bless all even the sick ones but TBH this beat hits harder than my dads belt 😂

    ItzKItzK4 órája
  • What’s wrong with coming here from TikTok? If I was an artist, I would want my music all over TikTok

    Jason BarbourJason Barbour4 órája
  • Hi

    Dylan HawleyDylan Hawley4 órája
  • People who say like to be rich or i hope you have a good day bla bla bla oh yea i forgot like if dababy is better than lil pump them just doin it for likes... smh

    Veljko UrosevicVeljko Urosevic4 órája
  • This song is must better tan the stupid of bad bunny

    TFO Sw4g3rTFO Sw4g3r4 órája
  • This song is the best $$$$

    Junior HessouJunior Hessou4 órája
  • Hi

    Nick ShayesNick Shayes4 órája
  • I love to7r song

    Latoya WoolleyLatoya Woolley4 órája
  • Beat : adan y eva ( paulo londra )

    mrvegacmrvegac4 órája
  • Love you

    ramy radouaneramy radouane4 órája
  • Go

    ramy radouaneramy radouane4 órája
  • Yeah

    ramy radouaneramy radouane4 órája
  • My daughters favorite song plus tiktok song

    Lola EddingtonLola Eddington4 órája
  • Highlight of 2020 this song

    Adam DrakeAdam Drake4 órája
  • I Like your music

    simona dragomansimona dragoman4 órája
  • Hi can u please reply

    Ava LeAva Le4 órája
    • not juixy ok

      Ava LeAva Le4 órája
    • He wont

      not juixynot juixy4 órája
  • post malone would be tuff on this song

    Brandon CoradoBrandon Corado4 órája
  • Meeeeeeeeeee

    RashMan-ERashMan-E5 órája
  • Only people who didnt come from tiktok can like this comment And if yu do your a legend ⬇️

    Mxtic_BuildzzMxtic_Buildzz5 órája
  • Another good song ruined by Tik tok

    m1ntm1nt5 órája
  • Everybody gangsta till dababy pull the guitar

    wafae Mafwafae Maf5 órája
  • I love this song😍❤️💎🤩🚔

    Queen hawkQueen hawk5 órája
  • Da baby just got another fan off this one today

    Cool WorldCool World5 órája
  • Hi

    Levi AlvaLevi Alva5 órája
  • Only people who did come from tiktok can like

    blackObedblackObed5 órája
  • different style i like it

    5kgodz gaming5kgodz gaming5 órája
  • Dababy be like: What rhymes with cop car? Yeah, definately cop.

    XođXođ5 órája
  • Omg so good 😍😍😜

    Sherita OliverSherita Oliver5 órája
  • Llj

    Janik SedlegerJanik Sedleger5 órája
  • Srsly best song ever

    Oofie OookieOofie Oookie5 órája
  • If you miss kobe like

    Azariah RichardsAzariah Richards5 órája
  • 🇺🇾🇺🇾🇺🇾

    prod. CVSPERprod. CVSPER5 órája
  • I love your song

    alexia. Tomas Priftialexia. Tomas Prifti6 órája
  • Ich Feier den Song soo😍🤣

    Carolin UllrichCarolin Ullrich6 órája
  • I was blasting this song on my stereo and my dad asked me for the name of the song because he really liked it

    PaytonPlayzzPaytonPlayzz6 órája
  • I really really really really really really hate tick tock....

    Cognate ReaperCognate Reaper6 órája
  • This song is so good let's go

    skull army12skull army126 órája
  • is it me or is roddy ricch echoing part so soothing and calming

    ya bihh daniiya bihh danii6 órája
  • Ok

    Taerhondaking11 AlexanderTaerhondaking11 Alexander6 órája
  • oNLy pEopLE ThAT dIdn'T COmE fRoM tIK ToK CaN liKe tHis cOMmeNt.

    KaidenKaiden6 órája
  • Tik tok fuck this song

    Dxniz. 618Dxniz. 6186 órája
  • Sounds like The Chainsmokers Don't let me down

    Kim SKim S6 órája
  • I did come here from tiktok but that app helps me add new music to my playlist so its not even that bad

    Randomguy12Randomguy126 órája
  • Lil peep would lowkey sound good as a feature

    fluid zelofluid zelo6 órája
  • Perfect song for fast and furious 9

    Dashawn BinghamDashawn Bingham6 órája