Charli D'Amelio Breaks Down TikTok Fame and Teases Upcoming Tour

Charli D'Amelio chats with Jimmy about TikTok's popularity, becoming one of the biggest influencers on the platform while on her way to dance class and using her fame to raise awareness about cyberbullying.
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Charli D'Amelio Breaks Down TikTok Fame and Teases Upcoming Tour




  • Tik tok Chamiya Aap

    Sunhera lovduSunhera lovdu9 órája
  • y’all I will use this for an edit 🤠🤠

    sydneysydney15 órája
  • charli i love you so much i am your big fun i love you

    Arkadi KorkotashviliArkadi Korkotashvili17 órája
  • Thats it im famous now dont talk to me 😂

    Roblox SxnnyxflxwerRoblox Sxnnyxflxwer18 órája
  • a fucking tour? are you kidding? 😭😂😂😂 what is she supposed to on stage?

    nils sjöbergnils sjöberg18 órája
  • Ya i too watchted the video of joy

    Ajay OjhaAjay Ojha18 órája
  • She didn't even make the renegade and became famous for doing it along with other dances that weren't hers. I'm aware of the original creator getting credited recently, but at the time, charli blowing up and getting way more clout had already happened. So, if she had credited the original creator at first, maybe the creator would have gotten more opportunities and more recognition for a dance that SHE worked on.

  • Simp queen

    Caleb GlennCaleb GlennNapja
  • The fact yhat she said tik tok new app and she joined tik tok was necer new

    Samm HeySamm HeyNapja
  • I love how quiet and respectful the audience and Jimmy are to Charli as she talks

    Midnight ThunderMidnight ThunderNapja
  • And know she almost has 60 million followers lmaooo

    Isabelle CleverlyIsabelle CleverlyNapja
  • 🤔

    Get BruhhedGet BruhhedNapja
  • Very nice!

    Lawrence CrossLawrence CrossNapja
  • Hi Charli

    Flo rentinaFlo rentinaNapja
  • This is what we need, she looks SOO comfortable talking to him, she finally has the confidence with some1 to talk about everything. :)

    ChaxieAvivaBeerFan lelChaxieAvivaBeerFan lelNapja
  • Is her voice high or low

    Timothy StevensTimothy StevensNapja
  • no one put hate on Charli :

    Elizabeth HElizabeth HNapja
  • She just got lucky

    Teresa PerezTeresa PerezNapja
  • Oo those thighs

  • Such a nice piece I love Italian women she hasn’t hit the wall yet

  • It's a Chinese app...that actually spies on you....that's what it is...

    David John PaulDavid John PaulNapja
  • People tiktok is a spy app

    Ron BurgundyRon BurgundyNapja
  • I love tiktoks

    Ximena MartínezXimena Martínez2 napja
  • Charlie d'amelio is so beautiful and she's nice very quiet girl she's my favorite tiktoker now

    Yvonne QueenYvonne Queen2 napja
  • This is the one . I was looking for her. Best. Saw her, didn't know her name. So different and creative... y'all are innovative and great but she's so GREAT.

    Valerie WilliamsValerie Williams2 napja
  • she got long Neils that is crazy jimmy

    Matthew and Ebony PattersonMatthew and Ebony Patterson2 napja
  • Hello!

    Pabla Andrea Henriquez DiazPabla Andrea Henriquez Diaz2 napja
  • She's not even deserving I saw her tiktok videos and those videos are just ok not even that amazing

    Yeshi LhamuYeshi Lhamu2 napja
    • Yeshi Lhamu it’s mainly just men “doin their thang” I bet Lolol

  • Her Voice is relaxing 😊

    christinah susejedchristinah susejed2 napja
  • May 22, 2020 Charli's got 57.4 million followers and she hit 4 billion hearts today (five hours ago)

    Shania JamesShania James2 napja
  • She is so sweet🥺

    Andrea Álvarez ParedesAndrea Álvarez Paredes2 napja
  • Thanks, I love her.

    M HM H3 napja
  • I don’t know why people hate her so much. She’s 16 years old and is just embracing herself on an app

    Maddie LianMaddie Lian3 napja
  • Socool

    Genevieve’s Cooler play time PlayhouseGenevieve’s Cooler play time Playhouse3 napja
    • Sorry

      Genevieve’s Cooler play time PlayhouseGenevieve’s Cooler play time Playhouse3 napja
  • Charli on jimmy fallen

    Genevieve’s Cooler play time PlayhouseGenevieve’s Cooler play time Playhouse3 napja
  • Why is she famous in the first place

    MelaDidMelaDid3 napja
  • How the fuck can u hate her and her personality 🥺😩

    Noah MierloNoah Mierlo3 napja
  • That's it I'm famous don't talk to me 😂😂😂

    MyLifeAsParis VEVOMyLifeAsParis VEVO3 napja
  • I smell lawsuit or royalties

    Eric SanchezEric Sanchez3 napja
  • You know who did king leo

    Eric SanchezEric Sanchez3 napja
  • Might as will call it mock mock

    Eric SanchezEric Sanchez3 napja
  • 💟

    Mar LopezMar Lopez3 napja
  • She gets hate comments why she don’t do anything

    Arial OchoaArial Ochoa3 napja
  • Charli:yeah maybe a tour Corona virus: I don't think so...

    deppie tsiampdeppie tsiamp3 napja
  • I must be the only young person who doesn’t have tiktok

    DgafDgaf3 napja
    • Nope. I am very proud to say TikTok has never been installed on my phone. From the very beginning, I knew it was a stupid app. Every time I see my friends use it, I think “I need to get new friends”. I just do not understand our generation at all.

      Sheltie BookSheltie BookNapja
  • She so cutr

    마라더비아자내랴마라더비아자내랴3 napja
  • did he just say dixe we will send you a bag of money! ahaha

    official Laila.official Laila.3 napja
  • Haters u guys lose ur time she dont give a fuck to u so stooooop u have the right to dont like charlie but she is a human just like me and u she have feeling so JUST STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPP!!!!!

  • People in America become famous for literally anything don’t they. I’m living in the wrong place🤔.

    astrid burdonastrid burdon4 napja
  • Josh Hutcherson

    RolentoRolento4 napja
  • Tic tok is also a chinese baised taking away from American Market share.

    AZsportshutAZsportshut4 napja
  • She’s stupid

    mikayla myersmikayla myers4 napja
  • this moms don’t know what they’re clapping for 😂

    kaylaakaylaa4 napja
  • jk i luv u

    Mar MitchellMar Mitchell4 napja
  • pls stop

    Mar MitchellMar Mitchell4 napja
  • Tasty little biscuit ! Never heard of her though. Huh 🤔.

    Gang Of FourGang Of Four4 napja
  • Who created this girl soooo cringe

    Hunkie GodHunkie God4 napja
  • her voice is so soft

    Zemira x LeoneZemira x Leone4 napja
    • Zemira x Leone ikr

      Cina BarnhartCina Barnhart4 napja

    layl9580 layl9580layl9580 layl95804 napja
  • Idk how much I love charli,she's my life (tiktok: _smlileycharli)

    carolina silvacarolina silva4 napja
  • Wait- what is she famous for? I really don’t understand

    ChrissyChrissy4 napja
  • aww she is so sweet

    HELOhelloHELOhello4 napja
  • Amo elaaaa❤❤❤❤

    Male FoxMale Fox4 napja
  • 'tik tok is a creative app' Le indians: no roasting its fry time

    Santosh NallaSantosh Nalla4 napja
  • Just realized, bathrooms really do have the best lighting😶

    _elixir __elixir _4 napja
  • I didn't like her before, but she seems nice and positive.

    Mariah&WhitneyLambMariah&WhitneyLamb4 napja
  • I legit just found out she’s only 16. I swear I thought she was at least 18 maybe 19, idk why but that blew my mind 🤯

    Craftty AngeloCraftty Angelo4 napja
  • Charli is so caring and sweet like she is using her platform to create awareness and help peoples. And for her fame she never asked that with y'all .Idk why do people hate her.She is just 16 and so mature.Love you Charlie.

    20K Subscribers Without Videos Challenge20K Subscribers Without Videos Challenge4 napja
  • I hate her.. 😡😡

    Anagha skAnagha sk4 napja
  • Tiktokers are not celebrity

    kritika sanaonkritika sanaon4 napja
  • I'm old as fuk.

    MikeMike4 napja
  • Guys, you don’t need to study to be successful. All you need are good genetic, sign up a social media account, and post videos of yourself dancing.

    AmaliaAmalia5 napja
  • hi

    yesthisisacryforhelpyesthisisacryforhelp5 napja
  • I love her so much she’s so kind and and she’s the sweetest girl anyone can ever meet I love her so much like I would do anything for her she deserves everything she doesn’t deserve all the hate that she’s getting she deserves amazing people that love her and that is kind of her

    Letticia EucedaLetticia Euceda5 napja
  • ok she actually cute when she talks

    Christopher NoelChristopher Noel5 napja
  • This app changed her life so much.

    Jasraaj SandhuJasraaj Sandhu5 napja
  • O M G if I meet her that would my biggest dream EVER

    Isla MartialIsla Martial5 napja
  • Charli actually looks really sweet I would love to be her friend

    Charlene DongCharlene Dong5 napja
    • Lol, she doesn't care,

      Anagha skAnagha sk4 napja
  • I dont know but her ear showing just makes me-

    chicken hoechicken hoe5 napja
  • I love you Charlie

    Olivia MooreOlivia Moore5 napja