Alfons - Corona (City Of Wuhan)


Once apon a time in the city of Wuhan virus expansion had begun
Mass isolation grand escalation leave your house you better go RUN
Plague like a shotgun people freaking out
Leaving wuhan don’t know what to do
But you better RUN to
It’s a new world view
It is here and it’s coming now you YOU
Corona Corona
Con ichi ichi wua
Corona Wuhana Mandarina Ichu wua
Corona Corona
Con ichi ichi wua
Corona Corona Coronaaa

Corona Song
Corona EDM song
Funny Corona Song
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  • QUE?

    Devair Jose CostaDevair Jose Costa24 perccel
  • Catchy, a shame konnichiwa ain't chinese but still sounds good I guess

    Trapser100Trapser1002 órája
  • الله يرفع البلاء

    Raboh algRaboh alg2 órája
  • Das geht ab :o

    Basti Craft [Animation and Banner]Basti Craft [Animation and Banner]2 órája
  • 😂😂😂 very creative

    John ViceJohn Vice3 órája
  • I don't think I have ever heard a song that made me smile and laugh like that. Thanks brother now that I got infected because of my work at the hospital and having to isolate in my room away from the rest of my family songs like this make my day better ❤️

    nickstarnickstar4 órája
  • omg so great!

    Maja JazdończykMaja Jazdończyk4 órája

    GrubyBxL .GrubyBxL .5 órája
  • Corona Corona Corona listen John Deere 8370R

    Tamas BuboriTamas Bubori5 órája
  • Siemka Polacy XD

    KevinSKevinS5 órája
  • HIT OF 2020!!

    DeejaVuDeejaVu5 órája
  • PepeBASS

    Pan MarudaPan Maruda6 órája
  • the beginning of this song promised to be big and when I listened to the chorus I broke down

    Lenka P.Lenka P.8 órája
  • This Corona stuck in my head and do a wild party in there. So... I have a Corona now?Thanks Alfons 🇵🇱

    Lily_DeeLily_Dee8 órája
  • Unlike wuhanlılar😂

    Muhammed Taha SaltanMuhammed Taha Saltan8 órája
  • See Stop passing the buck to other countries, China corona came from wuhan this song is the evidence lol

    Liu AlbertLiu Albert8 órája
  • Corona virus

    Pablo antonio Plaza arayaPablo antonio Plaza araya9 órája
  • I'm loving it so badly xD

    Sani RaSani Ra9 órája
  • Brasil epicentro no mundo 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷📈

    Carlos ValerioCarlos Valerio9 órája
  • So epic bro😂💪 keep doing those awesome songs🤘

    Nathalie PinetNathalie Pinet10 órája
  • I love all your song Alfons and this is song is very good too :D

    petromilpetromil10 órája
  • Tak a Budu pokračovat v mazání důkazy mám .. Prosíl jsem už půl roku možné i více.. .. zloděje nebudou podporovat ... Sliby nový telefon.. notebook, PC., Celé sestavy ... cestovní kola jo SLIBŮ BYLO JEJKU JEJKU... Já musel ještě ze svého opravit 3x telefon 1x notebook nový Windows a stejně je zase v háji .tak co nevidět notebook budete k vyhodnocení.. .. také tablet koupit.. .. A paní jen budou lhát . krást,,, a mi diktovat že mám sýr v domě s telefonem nikde nechodit, a pořád aktualizovat různý čáry Mary pro ně... S výmyslem pro Google.... Ano Google to je.... Ale lidí okolí nemyslí a když... Tak vlastně sami posuďte... Já jsem Psal , Řekl Svůj názor ,za tím si stojím... . Jan 7

    Jan KacmarJan Kacmar10 órája
  • Road 1M Views🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Daniel HakimDaniel Hakim11 órája
  • Chinese don't say kunichiwa. They say Nihao

    Futuristic.Futuristic.11 órája
  • This one

    tapsa palotapsa palo11 órája
  • Guess whos banned from China for a lifetime

    Kristóf MaczeovicsKristóf Maczeovics12 órája
  • LOL, but tell the truth.

    DelaventyDelaventy12 órája
  • Cool song bro

    DCA 557DCA 55712 órája
  • Konnichiwa is Japanese,not Chinese.

    Nozomi HottaNozomi Hotta12 órája
  • The 1st is cool

    Virtual GamerVirtual Gamer13 órája
  • It's in my head to Than I love it

    Virtual GamerVirtual Gamer13 órája
  • you sure if from wuhan?? or from american? shame on you racist

    80180113 órája
    • It's scientifically proved to be from Wuhan. Get your facts right before going and calling people racist. Also, it ain't from bats it's suspected to be from the market in Wuhan with live animals.

      JacubJacub12 órája
  • 10 hours version!!!

    VidjenVidjen13 órája
  • Heeeeeeeeee Hooooooooooo

    Joshua GT__Joshua GT__13 órája
  • damn man out of all the corona songs!!! this one is sickkk

    Shivadarshan PShivadarshan P13 órája
  • Alfons never fails ❤

    SissuSissu13 órája
  • I need 10 hours version please❤ #Alfons #Czech

    TommyOriginalTommyOriginal14 órája
  • The best shit of 2020. Thanks Alfons ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Ryan AjaxRyan Ajax14 órája
  • There are 1010 ppls listen this with 1$ Headphones

    DaHoferDaHofer15 órája
  • Ужас

    Сабина ИндираСабина Индира15 órája

    Marcos Talión Santander RerzeluixMarcos Talión Santander Rerzeluix15 órája
  • Chinaaaaa coronaaaa

    Blex YumiBlex Yumi15 órája
  • Special Anthem for Trump? :D

    FelipelvFelipelv15 órája
  • Amazing 🔥🔥🔥

    carey ARcarey AR16 órája
  • Old Alfons vibes, I love it 😍

    Fritz and the transmissionFritz and the transmission17 órája
  • disgust

    ciro99superciro99super17 órája
  • this planet is Gaja and ghost of ours planet dont like fake smokes paint that bitch on your wall people and remember

    Brave 5'9Brave 5'917 órája
  • this is a lil bit racist....but for me im really racist,so really nice song XD lol

    Just MusicJust Music18 órája
  • Can you make 1 val this song

    Jogaila vJogaila v19 órája
  • ichi what?

    Alberto GalamiAlberto Galami19 órája
  • corona virus is fake virus :D nobody dont se him :D

    Vladimir VladimirowichVladimir Vladimirowich20 órája
  • I just listen to the song, can not stop to grin and sing along "corona corona ichi ichi wua"- earworm already when listening just nice

    Marcel E.Marcel E.20 órája
  • Those 900+ dislikes are the Asians that love eating bats

    SnK-UnitedYtSnK-UnitedYt21 órája
  • Whilst I am all for raising awareness and reducing panic, this song is simply made in distaste on an issue which has effected so many people. Those who have fell ill, relatives who have passed away, even the loss of work due to societal shutdown. The EDM and such is nice, but the topic of the song and how it is portrayed is not okay, show a little empathy

    D. WolfinD. Wolfin21 órája
  • Mallu?

    Ad HiAd Hi21 órája
  • 😷😷😷😷

    momm nonmomm non23 órája
  • Fuckyou Corona ,,/,,

  • Best Music of May 2020 Lockdown !

    Jahangir ZadehJahangir ZadehNapja
  • I thought its a documentary about corona, 😅😂😂

    Rafraf AsamuddinRafraf AsamuddinNapja
  • 🇨🇳

    Dariyan Ghasemi GaxiolaDariyan Ghasemi GaxiolaNapja
  • Love it found it by accident

    cian mannioncian mannionNapja
  • コロナ日本じゃなく中国やしちゃんと調べろ

    Gata NaGata NaNapja
    • 10秒当たりでチャイナって単語出てきてる

      cfilorvycfilorvy19 órája
  • What is corona?

  • I had the corona in vegas last january... weak a$$ virus...

    Russian RandyRussian RandyNapja
  • 1.25x speed sounds good ❤

  • Nice Song 👍

  • PLAGUE LIKE A SHOTGUN... OMG 😂 It is sooo awesome earcatching

  • I'm listening already like 30 minutes and I can't stop listening! Amazing song I'm in love 🔥🔥🔥

    m em eNapja
  • Alguien más que hable español

    marco collaguazomarco collaguazoNapja
  • 🍻

    Romet AljasRomet AljasNapja
  • We miss you bud in Hungary hope you can return soon

    Jacek HudomietJacek HudomietNapja
  • Du bist und bleibst der beste mit deiner Musik. Ausgefallene und einfach nur spitze.

  • ❤️❤️

  • The himno de coronavirus

    Aaron MartheynAaron MartheynNapja
  • Con ichi wua? Hear like Konichiwa 🙄 bat that is japan , wuhan is chinese 🙁

    Phamtomeria LiaPhamtomeria LiaNapja
  • fuuuucking helll this is soooo good...... there should be a repeat button on youtube, great u released it on spotify ;)

  • China has left

    Mirko GfcMirko GfcNapja
  • So great! Quickly write it down before Aronchupa steals it xD

    Jan BucharJan BucharNapja
  • Fucking Corona

  • russian rasta

    Леха ДиюенкоЛеха ДиюенкоNapja