6ix9ine - GOOBA (Official Lyric Video)

6IX9INE - GOOBA (Official Audio)
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Created by: Alex Solis
Edited by: Kiefer Andrew
Produced by: Jah
Mixed and mastered by: Wizard Lee
I tell a ni**a don't d*ck ride, don't blick ride
Leave it to the double thick thighs, twin sisters
Drop it down and wobble, wobble up, mami booted up
She get down and gobble, gobble up 'cause my money up
Slide, slide in the Bentley trucker, the Wraith trucker
Your bestie is a d*ck sucker, I big dub her
As-salama-lama alaykum, you big hater
You nothin' but a hater, hater, clout chaser
[Verse 1]
Now we catch him at the chicken spot, up a couple chops
Pop that n*gga with a hundred shots, ra-ta-ta-ta-ta
DeDe made that n*gga Diddy Bop, cha-cha-cha-cha-cha
He thought we was gon' knuckle up, b*tch, I don't box
And these n*ggas always talkin' sh*t, yadda-yadda-ya
When you see me, what you talkin' 'bout, f*ck you talkin' 'bout?
N*ggas always wanna chase clout, b*tch, I am clout
Tell 'em get up out my face now 'fore I grrt
Are you dumb, stupid, or dumb, huh?
Play me like a dummy, like b*tch, are you dumb?
Are you dumb, stupid, or dumb, huh?
Yeah, you got some money, but you still f*ckin' ugly
Stupid, listen
When I talk, you better listen
We can make him dance, bachata
Slide over, do the cha-cha
Grrt, bah-bah
Make a n*gga go adios
Dímelo, mami
Fresca, you nasty
Flame up, light it
They see me and get excited
Two step, spin around, so fly, pilot
They sick, been hot way before C0ronavirus
N*gga, who did that? N*gga, who did what?
N*gga, that's my sh*t, don't bite it

I tell a n*gga don't d*ck ride, don't blick ride
Leave it to the double thick thighs, twin sisters
Drop it down and wobble, wobble up, mami booted up
She get down and gobble, gobble up 'cause my money up
Slide, slide in the Bentley trucker, the Wraith trucker
Your bestie is a d*ck sucker, I big dub her
As-salama-lama alaykum, you big hater
You nothin' but a hater, hater, clout chaser
[Verse 2]
You're mad I'm back, big mad
He's mad, she's mad, big sad
Haha, don't care, stay mad
Ah-hah, ah-hah, ah-hah
Haha, b*tch, I'm laughin' 'cause you big mad
See it in your face, cry baby, b*tch, you big sad
N*ggas tweetin' bout me, got me trendin', b*tch, you big sad
Tell me how I ratted, came home to a big bag

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